by SiD

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Verse (SiD):

She said she's never fell in love with a Superman-Christian-Protestant-Muslim-Lutheran/ I told her that being immortal is the portal to the true nature of growth, to Christ, like Buddha man (Shout out to Jay-Eletronica)/ But hold up, save that breath before you tell him/ warned you not to take that step, but you fell in (love)/ Villain, feeling vilified, cuz while your feelings filling the sky, my feelings never really materialized/ They say that absence is to love like wind is to fire/ so if it wasn't really much, then it will expire/ but if it elevates while we separate, we can celebrate, maybe set a date/
But something's wrong, what's the issue?/ no longer longs for your lips when he don't kiss you/ when you're gone on long trips, he don't miss you/ And just when it was about to fix you, it contradicts you/ it's about to destroy you/ cuz I'm not in it with you, but I got it for you/Adored you, askin how could I leave?/ but sometimes what I want is not what I need/ (She) Said "if you leave don't you ever come back"/ You ain't gotta worry bout ain't gotta worry bout that

Hook (MOTM):

Took it too far so I had to leave, took it too far so I had to leave/ I took my car the road's gonna give me wings, I took my car it's gonna give me wings/ Sometimes what I want is not what I need, Sometimes what I want is not what I need/ Someday love's gonna destroy me (5x)


released February 7, 2012


all rights reserved


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