How It Feels To Fly (Prod. By Donricky)

by SiD

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Why look forward to it? She's just lookin past me/she say I'm just a friend, my position is the backseat/ and when she checks the rearview, my opinion is what asks me/ She swear she's tired of the game, but she chasin' all the athletes/ Now if guys are all the same, why do you stay holdin track meets?/ And I was the lame in the stands with the flat feet/But the times, they have changed and the fine dames get at me/ I am in the driver's seat, they steady tryna gas me/And he pays you no attention, but you engaged to that creep...It's one thing if you happy/ But you isn't, love/ and I know it's been a minute love/ but if it's different and you having mixed feelings then it just isn't love/ And it just seems wrong, it ain't the same is it?/ I ain't asking you take the ring off, just to exchange digits (a digit is another word for a finger)/ She looks at me like "you got some nerve for askin"/ girl, I was born to be by mikes like jackson/ but he's the smooth criminal, broke your heart...infraction (an infraction is a type of crime)/ and he may never be apprehended (caught), and you'll never comprehend it, but you can end it/ just make sure there's seven digits in your next sentence.


released June 23, 2011
Produced & Recorded By Donricky
Mixed & Mastered By Seek (Michael Petrus)


all rights reserved


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